Katie Osborne

Owner, Crossfit Level 2 Certified Trainer, Crossfit Kids Certified Trainer, CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certification, CrossFit Gymnastics Certification

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CrossFit Formidable opened on September 13th, 2013 but I have been doing CrossFit since 2010. My ex-husband came home from deployment and said “you have to try CrossFit.” Was it hard? Yes. Did I want to quit? Yes. But I felt so awesome every time I finished a workout. In March of 2010 I was pregnant with my first child. I began following the programming of CrossFit Mom (CrossFit scaled for pregnant athletes). CrossFit Mom was awesome, it allowed me to keep working on my CrossFit skills as my pregnancy progressed. After having my son I became more passionate about CrossFit, pushing myself as an athlete. I just couldn’t get enough of it. In 2012 I attended the CrossFit Level 1 certification course and I began coaching at CrossFit The Dalles. I attended the CrossFit Kids Trainer course in 2013 and designed the CrossFit kids program at CrossFit The Dalles. CrossFit challenges me as an individual and as a coach. I enjoy working with people and seeing what hard work and dedication can do. It is my honor as a coach to help people change their lives one workout at a time. I am dedicated to offering knowledgable safe coaching. Our passion is CrossFit and making a difference in people’s lives.

Evan Garrison

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, Crossfit Kids Trainer

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I began CrossFit after I finished my collegiate basketball career in 2017 and wanted to stay in shape. My friend was preparing for regionals that year and I started working out with him just to see what CrossFit was all about. I was instantly hooked. I fell in love with the competition, the challenge, and the humbling nature of CrossFit. In January of 2018 I got my level-1 and began coaching at CrossFit Wilsonville. What I love most about coaching is seeing people doing things they’ve never done before. Whether it is a PR power clean or holding a pace on the rower they never have before, I love to see athletes overcome obstacles. I believe training the mindset of “yes I can” in the gym transfers outside the walls of the box.

I married my wife in July of 2018 and we have the cutest Corgi pup named Bear.

Riley Salo

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

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I was born and raised in Canby where I went to Canby High School and met my future husband. We got married ten years later, we both work in agriculture, and we raise our cows on his families farm. In my time outside of work and coaching I like to cook and bake, visit my grandpa, and spend time with family and friends.

I first started CrossFit in 2015 when a friend convinced me to give it a try. I have always enjoyed weightlifting, I ran cross country and played softball in high school, and did agility training, but nothing has ever challenged me the way that CrossFit has – mentally or physically. But the class structure, coaching, community, and CrossFit Formidable have kept me coming back since May of 2015. In January 2019, after many discussions with Coach Katie, I took the CrossFit Level One Training Course and received my certificate as a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, and I have been coaching just about every week since. This has added a whole new experience to my CrossFit career and I thoroughly enjoy it – the people and the place!

Liv Hein

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

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I am from Canby, graduated from Canby High School, and recently rediscovered my love for the town and community. I live with my boyfriend Levi and our two dogs just outside of town on a farm. He is new to the CrossFit world, but non-the-less, absolutely hooked. During our time away from the gym and work we enjoy cooking, travel and spending time with family and friends.

I started CrossFit in January of 2016, at a small gym in Corvallis, while I was going to Oregon State University. It wasn’t long before I was scheduling my academics around my gym time…oops.
During the time I first started CrossFit my mental health was a little rocky. The one consistent thing was going to the gym and spending time in this amazing community. As I created the habit of suiting up, showing up, and working hard, everything else seemed a little more manageable.
To me CrossFit is the coolest philosophy of exercise because it is just as it states- constantly varied. There are so many different skills to work on, lifts to get stronger at, and workouts to push you to your limits.
I plan to pursue a career in this industry because it helps me connect and help people in more ways than one. One thing I love most about the fitness industry is that education is essentially endless. I will continually gain more knowledge through courses on coaching, programming, lifting, gymnastics and of course all the amazing athletes I get the honor of working with.

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  1. I saw on FB that you were doing an intro to Crossfit and WOD on Saturday the 13th. Is there still room and can I come try this out?

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