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I knew the moment that I heard about Crossfit Formidable I had to share my experiences with Crossfit to all that are lucky enough to get to work with Chip and Katie. Although as I sit down to write this I am having trouble finding words that can truly express just how much Crossfit has meant to me, how amazing Katie and Chip are as coaches, and how lucky everyone is who gets to train at Crossfit Formidable.

I started Crossfit in October 2012, five months after having my first son. I had a tramatic labor to say the least. Blood transfusions, needing help to simply walk, and nerve damage were a few of the “fun” things I got to deal with after having him. I remember telling my husband I wanted to try Crossfit, and his response was that I couldn’t because I wasn’t in good enough shape! I tried it anyway and learned quickly that my husband had the same ideas about Crossfit as many people who have yet to try it. They think they need to get in better shape before starting and that is simply not true. Crossfit is for EVERYONE and after the first class I was hooked! Now, ten months later I am in the best shape of my life and I have more confidence in myself than I ever thought possible! I have accomplished things I never imagined I could like, pull-ups, double unders (have fun with those), deadlifts, backsquats, and snatches (yes…it’s an actual weightlifting movement).

Lucky for me I’ve gotten to train at an amazing Crossfit gym and have gotten to work with some amazing coaches. I have learned a lot from each coach I have had as each one brings something a little different to a WOD. I am one of those people who truly believe we are made to be certain things, to fill certain roles, and Katie and Chip were MADE to be coaches. From day one they were supportive, encouraging, and willing to assist in any way they could to help me achieve my goals. To say they are inspirational is an understatement! They both can find that hidden drive, that “fifth gear” that you might not have known existed. I have definitely had those workouts when they have believed in me more than I believed in myself and as crazy as it sounds, that is what got me though even when I didn’t think I could. They are amazing coaches, amazing people, and amazing friends!

Lucky you who get to train at Crossfit Formidable! And luckily for us at CFTD it’s only a 2 hour drive up the river because you can be sure we will be coming down to train with some of the BEST coaches EVER!

Hailey Elliot

CrossFit The Dalles Athlete/Middle School Teacher/Mother

When I began my CrossFit experience I was in average shape. While I maintained some fitness goals by participating in triathlons in the summer, I did not stay consistent and easily slacked off with training when the rain and snow flew.

Then I joined CrossFit, and I have loved the variety of workouts and all the new challenges that keep coming at me- so much so that missing workouts is not an option. I have had the priviledge of having Coach Chip as a coach for most of my CrossFit training and have made huge improvements thru this time. From not being able to do sit-ups without stopping or a single pull-up to doing linked kipping pull ups and some of the benchmark WOD’s (workout of the day) RX’ed (prescribed weight for elite athletes) .

It was through showing up and going through the workouts that my strength and stamina improved. The next time I came to something I hadn’t been able to do well, I was shocked to now be able to do it! This could not have happened so quickly without Coach Chip beleiving in my ability – sometimes more than I believed in myself.

Coach Chip is passionate about Crossfit and about helping you reach your goals. His coaching style really helped push me past my comfort zone, which is what I want, but can’t always get there without a bit of outside motivation. When I need help learning something he has a game plan and is ready to get me going In the right training direction. If he sees a weakness in a movement, he will research it and come back with quality advice. He takes his job seriously and truly cares about his athletes.

I talked about Crossfit at home all the time, so my kids were thrilled to be able to get in and try it for themselves. When Coach Katie started CrossFit kids we were super excited. I have a 12 yr old, 10 yr old, and two 6 yr olds, and after the first WOD they all loved Crossfit and Katie. I was impressed by her confidence to take charge of the kids in a caring fun loving way. I feel she truly cares for my kids and notices their quirks and fun personalities the way I do. As I have watched some of the kids WOD’S, I am impressed by how detailed the movements are that she is teaching them – correct positioning is taught right from the start. “CrossFit Kids is no joke”, Is a common reaction to any adult that joins in on a CFK(CrossFit Kids) class. Even my 3 year old loves doing Burpees with her Brothers and Sister. My kids have gotten stronger by leaps and bounds doing CFK: I am so excited that they are starting this foundation of fitness that is both hard and rewarding.

Chip and Katie are a dynamic duo, I have so enjoyed getting to know them as coaches and friends. Their passion for Crossfit and it’s life changing benefits are contagious and inspirational. I would encourage anyone who is intrigued by CrossFit to take advantage of these two awesome Coaches.

Sarah Ziegenhagen

CrossFit The Dalles Athlete

Mother of 5

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If you are reading this on CrossFit Formidable’s website then you have no idea how lucky you are. You have the opportunity to get trained from two of my favorite people: Chip and Katie. Canby you have no idea how bummed out The Dalles is to be losing these two. So much so that you will be seeing some of us drive two hours each way just to WOD (workout of the day) w/ them on some of the weekends. You are about to read a lot of very positive things said about these two people and if you think I’m exaggerating with any of the following testimony, you are sorely wrong.

Just over a year ago I signed up for a free CrossFit class. Now I thought I was in decent shape, I ran on my treadmill a few days a week, but I quickly learned that my definition of being in shape and CrossFit’s definition were very different.

Chip has been helping me achieve fitness goals I didn’t think were possible. His Olympic lifting coaching skills are top notch and his ability to push you past your “limit” and showing you your actual limit is phenomenal. For me he has been the perfect balance of both pushing me and teaching me. As much as he would hate to admit it, Chip has become a good friend, not just my coach. He is truly passionate about CrossFit and is almost as proud as you when you achieve new personal bests in the box.

I was so excited with my extra confidence and strength that when I found out Katie was going to start CrossFit kids I was the first to sign up my 5 year old daughter. Now it’s only been about a 1/3 of a year but my daughter has a huge increase in her confidence. She is already pushing herself and the positives are spilling out to other aspects of her life. No more complaining when walking at the mall because her “legs are tired,” less crying when she falls because she wants to “tough it out now.” I can’t wait to see what she is going to accomplish over the next few years!

I think Katie was put on this planet because God thought we needed more awesome women. She has the perfect balance of pushing herself past the point of appropriate language during her WOD, then she can turn around and be the kindest, sweetest women helping your kids fitness the next. I can guarantee there will be tears from my daughter when she leaves for Canby in a few weeks.

Bottom line: just show up consistently, Chip and Katie will help you achieve your fitness goals.

Keith Howe

CrossFit The Dalles Athlete

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