Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition Coaching

Exercise is only part of the equation in achieving your health and fitness goals. The food you put into your body is just as important! We don’t prescribe to fad diets, but rather educate our athletes and help them implement a nutritional plan that will be sustainable for the rest of their lives. To help you achieve your goals we offer personalized nutrition coaching. We will sit down with you and generate a nutrition plan/prescription based off your goals. We will work with you on a daily basis to help you maintain accountability and focus on your journey to becoming a better you. Your nutrition add on will include weekly food journal submissions/review, body measurements, and other tools to help you succeed. Contact us to begin your nutrition coaching today.


Aubree Weigel




I’ve always struggled with my weight during my adult life, yo-yoing up and down 20 pounds. When I started CrossFit 2 years ago I was probably at my heaviest weight, close to 200 pounds. I worked out for a couple months, but wasn’t really losing any weight. It wasn’t until our first paleo challenge that I started to see results. I stayed with it, less strict, for several months, and slowly lost a few more pounds. I then did another paleo challenge that was 2 months and saw another big drop in weight, and increase in energy and was performing better during workouts. Unfortunately after this challenge, I went on vacation, and was finishing my last 6 months of nursing school. I got back into bad habits and quickly gained 25 of the 40 pounds I had lost.

I realized that I had great success with these paleo challenges because I was being held accountable by Chip and Katie, and did not want to disappoint them. Although Dustin (husband) is super supportive, I needed my coach’s support, encouragement, and knowledge in order to be successful. I decided at the beginning of September to add on the nutritional guidance of my coaches to help reach the goals that I had in my mind, but was unable to do without their help. Katie was able to help me determine my zone prescription, and when and what I should be eating. I had just started my new job as a nurse, working nights, and the first couple weeks were really hard, I mean really hard, but I was able to text, call, or meet with Katie to trouble shoot my concerns, and I was able to continue to stay on course. We were able to plan meals that worked with my crazy schedule. Also, throughout the week Katie checks in with me to see how I’m doing, and if I have a really bad day, and want to eat a whole pizza, I talk with her and she’s able to talk me down off the ledge and remind me of the goals I have. The last 3 months I have seen amazing results, 23 pounds lost, 28in lost (arms, legs, chest, waist, hips), and way more energy during my workouts. This time it’s a life style change, not a competition I need to win. I turn 30 in less than three months, and I will be the healthiest and happiest I have been in a long time.