Member Spotlight

Congratulations Andy and Sandy Kahut! These two have been part of CFF for quite some time and are some of our most consistent athletes. They suit up and show up nearly every day! I have had a great time getting to know Andy and Sandy over the past few years, and have gotten very familiar with Andy’s trash talking, followed by “getting beat by the girls”, and Sandy’s smart a$$ remarks and …tasteful sarcasm.. ☺ They are wonderful examples of athletes that have been around and still come to their coaches to learn new things- and that is so awesome from a coaches perspective! Having the willingness to continue to learn new things no matter how long you’ve been at it- is one of the best qualities to apply to CrossFit, and that’s what us coaches are here for. Sandy was and is a soccer player, and Andy… well…. He sometimes skips CrossFit for golf….. 

So introducing a little bit more about the Kahut’s. 

Andy and Sandy Kahut

Tell us a little bit about your background! –

What got you started at CFF? How long have you been part of the CFF family?

Andy – Since the Fall of 2015, so almost 6 years. I had been watching the CrossFit games on TV and did not know CFF existed.

Sandy – I had been walking/running and playing soccer for years. My knee was beginning to cause me to lose strength and mobility. Andy had been coming for a year and he thought CFF could help with those things so I called.

In what movement(s) have you seen the most improvements throughout your time here?

Andy – Pull ups and handstand pushups. I could barely do 2 pull-ups when I started crossfit and did ring rows for a very long time. Now pullups are one of my strengths.

Sandy – upper body – In grade school we used to have to do the president’s physical fitness tests – I could never do the pullup/hang test nor climb the rope – Now I can 🙂

What movement(s) would you like to see more improvement in the next few months?

Andy – Double Unders. I can do them with very poor form. It is time to learn them correctly so I do not get so gassed out during workouts.

Sandy – I want to string together toe to bar and improve my handstand pushups

What do you like to do outside of the gym?

Andy – I play over 100 rounds of golf every year.

Sandy – I love reading, hiking, camping, knitting and playing soccer

What advice would you give to someone who is just starting out at CFF?

Andy – Just show up 3 – 5 times per week. It’s that simple.

Sandy – Start slow – you can always go up if it’s too easy but it’s a long road if you injure


Quick Questions!

Favorite book

Andy – I prefer podcasts now—Joe Rogan is my favorite!

Sandy – I have to pick just one?! no way

Favorite movie

Andy – The Godfather I

Sandy – The Princess Bride

Favorite food

Andy – Ribeye Steak

Sandy – Don’t really have one

Favorite “cheat meal”

Andy – Pizza

Sandy – Pizza and a beer

Favorite exercise/movement

Andy – Running and pull-ups

Sandy – Air squats (Any squats except overhead)

Least favorite exercise/movement (don’t worry, I promise you we will still do them ;))

Andy – Assault Bike

Sandy – Snatches and overhead squats – (for some reason they seem to come together)

Something others might be surprised to learn about you… or fun fact about you!

We like to do long, difficult hikes such as Mt. St. .Helens, South Sister and Half Dome (Yosemite). Anyone want to plan one with us? We love state and national parks.

(Sandy wants to do the Oregon Stretch of the Pacific Crest trail – Would love hiking partners!)

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